TC Helicon Play Acoustic FX Pedal


tc Helicon Play Acoustic FX Pedal

  • Vocal FX and Guitar FX in one pedal
  • Professional vocal effects and tone
  • Guitar FX styles from TC Electronic
  • Natural sounding vocal harmonies guided by your guitar
  • BodyRez Filtering and Onboard EQ and DI for impeccable acoustic guitar tone

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Product Description

Play Acoustic is loaded with vocal effects from our best-selling VoiceLive® series: reverb, doubling, HardTune, µMod, tap delay and transducer. Get inspired with incredible, natural sounding harmonies guided automatically by your guitar.

There’s also Adaptive ToneTM for an optimally produced sound every time you sing. Play Acoustic comes preloaded with select FX to best suit your acoustic guitar – including TC Electronics award-winning TonePrint pedals, Hall of Fame Reverb and Corona Chorus.

The direct Guitar DI output ensures signal fidelity all the way from pedal to PA. Keep your vocals clean with a tight reverb or simple harmony – or go all out with tasty delays, thick doubling, edgy hard tuning, cool modulations, and raw distortions.

The choice is yours with hundreds of presets from the most popular styles. Play Acoustic treats your guitar with the respect it deserves. Tailor-made guitar FX from TC Electronic add a sweet touch of magic and our new BodyRez gives you a fuller, acoustic tone when you’re playing through a PA.

I’ve been testing out my Play Acoustic pedal and so far I have found that numbers 31, 32 and 33 are to my taste but you can change so many settings really, and create your own sound; that’s basically what I’m doing at the moment as I haven’t had this unit very long.

I will post more detail as I become more familiar with this great little device,