Staying Healthy

How I Keep Myself Fit

Learning guitar is a fantastic way of enjoying your leisure-time – no doubt about it. There’s something special about being able to play your first song without error: the urge to dig in and start learning more songs when you hear other players performing is such a strong motivational feeling.

But that enjoyment can only be fully appreciated as long as we keep on top of our physical health and well-being.

To keep myself in good shape I do regular walking and I exercise every evening before bed. As far as sports activity goes, my main interest is Badminton and I would urge everyone to participate in such physical recreation in order to maintain great physical health.

I’m careful about my intake of cafeine and one of the products that I like is green coffee.

You can control your blood pressure, sugar levels, and any weight problems you have by having a good daily regime.

Not only will you feel so much better physically (assuming that you don’t have any underlying health issues of course) – but you will notice an improvement in mental state.  I know this is a fact – I feel it myself, happier, less stressed by any ‘taxing’ life events and a greater positive ‘vive’ in daily life.

So just be sure to balance all aspects of life in your day-to-day activity, and you will probably find yourself having even greater success in your acoustic guitar learning curve.

I’ve done several walks over the last decade, mostly in the Lake district; but I also covered areas along the coast between Bridlington and Sands End, North of Whitby.

Clearly, walking is an excellent way to stay healthy and I have been very keen on walking the Lake Disrict fells.

I’ll post details once all photos have been organised/located

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