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Are you singing a little out of key?


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Small price to pay for perfect pitch! Here's why I turned to Sing & See!

When I took to the guitar not so long ago, I found that because I was concentrating so hard with my guitar technique, I was starting to sing flat: and I only noticed this as I was recording a song.

Certainly, without having the recording system in place I would not have realised this problem.

I searched online about ‘singing flat’ but there was no definitive clarity of information available.

When I stumbled on this software I downloaded the product to see how it worked.  Really, the concept is straightforward and easy to use but is an extremely useful tool for singers in my opinion.

After buying the software,  I tested my vocal pitch performance – and I could see how effective the visual impact of the vocal waveform was,  in relation to the musical key.

Perhaps my pitch problems were due to working in the past with backing tracks, which of course, being transposed, copied all over the place etc – were becoming detuned.  I don’t know for sure – but I suspect that there is some truth in this thought.

I also found that, by going into the studio and monitoring my pitch against stave notes in Band-in-a-Box (which I don’t use anymore), I did find that I was able to correct my pitch;  however, using the Sing and See software, it is far easier to monitor and control your singing.

This is a great product for singers – and there is a more advanced version for music teachers.

I’m so much more aware of my singing pitch since using this software.