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Some Interesting Videos I Created

V.E. Day 2005 in Yorkshire

Since it is such an important event in our history, I thought I’d upload this video which I recorded for the 60th anniversary of V. E. Day.


Over the last few years I have been involved in videography here are a few that I feel are quite interesting.

Going out and videoing with an 11kg professional camera/recorder is certainly good for one’s health and it was an enjoyable experience.

I have a Panasonic AG DVC200 (see image) which has been an excellent machine; but unfortunately it is only standard resolution (720 x 576  PAL).

However, it’s still good enough for internet use and so most of my song demos will be recorded with it.

Mal Nicholson Talking About His Super Sloop, Spider T

2012 Olympics Tour Heading Through Bridlington

TourDeYorks Starting Point, Bridlington

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