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I recently moved on to using a DAW for my recordings, after using my trusty Tascam 2488 for several years. It will still come in handy for recording live gigs (solo guitar/singer).

What prompted me to move on, is simply the fact that DAW’s have become so sophisticated now, that not using one, means you’re limiting your own creativity.

When I discovered that Tracktion offer a free version of their latest product (Waveform 11), I couldn’t resist trying it out – after watching several videos about it.

Well, I’m happy to say, that it lives upto my expectations of it and I’m looking forward to getting tracks recorded (I’m still learning Waveform).


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1 thought on “Music Software”

  1. The Tascam 2248 24 track recorder has been a great tool to use over the years.
    I have moved on to using a Digital Audio Workstation under the W10 operating system and this gives me more working space in my ‘micro’ studio.
    I’ll be using the Tascam 2488 for any live recordings that I need to make in the future.

    I’ve installed and set up Tracktion Waveform 11 and my inputs are via the 4-input USB interface UMC404HD.
    Now that I have my Martin DX1RAE acoustic guitar, I can move on to recording guitar and vocals along with video.

    Video editing will be done using Davinci Resolve 16.
    Lots to get on with.

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