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An Article For Beginners To Affiliate Marketing

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m really excited about how I’ve been able  to create another source of income using Affiliate marketing. As I researched the subject over the last three years I drew up my own action plan to make things happen.

If I can help people with a few tips in marketing I’ll be happy – because back in 1984 I went through bankruptcy and lost everything – apart from my dignity. Here I am now, having come back from the brink with so much empathy for people struggling to make ends meet; but whether or not you’re struggling, I hope this page helps you in moving forward with an action plan. 

Once you have your business up and running, you need to draw traffic to your site. If you’re established already, you’ll already have Google Analytics and Google Search Console installed to monitor your traffic.  (If this is all new to you, you can visit my ‘affiliate marketing review for beginners’ ) here

The three major sources of website traffic are Paid Advertising, Organic Search and Social Media.  So if your site has great content, you will gradually build up a good following.

Udimi Solo Ads

Even well-presented, great content sites will struggle to get traffic from the moment of start-up as it takes time to get indexed by Google.

This is where Udimi comes in!

To get traffic immediately, you can purchase it from email listings held by Vendors on the Udimi site.

The cost is much lower than Google Ads and will vary between 30 and 95 cents per click, depending on the vendor.

This is what is called T1 high-quality traffic so although you are paying for it, the chances are that you’ll most likely get conversions if your sales funnel is good.

Your ad will play a crucial role in determining whether you have a successful marketing campaign, so it’s important to get your design spot-on for your product.

Be diligent in your work-flow to maximise the porential for clicks and then when you are satisfied with the results, that is the time to start your traffic campaign.

Dont spend more than about £100 to stat with, because you can simply scale up if results are good. 

You’ll find that Udimi has great control over scamming and they offer a service which in my opinion is above reproach

You can sign up here to start promoting your products or services with traffic straight out of the Udimi Genie bottle!

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