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Well, looks like we will have several more months of self-isolation due to the pandemic.

I guess there’s no better time for me to get my hands to the grindstone and get this site completed.

I’ve been working hard at practice with my guitar, ready for recording demo cover songs – yes! I know I’ve been at it for weeks; but there’s always something else that crops up and scheduled site edits and updates tend to go on the ‘back-burner’

I’ve also been working hard with affiliate marketing and really pleased with progress over the last several months.

I’ve just done a short review on Udimi and how you can get high quality T1 traffic to you site in quick time.

My 2005 V.E. Day Celebration Video

I’ll be posting some Photos taken in the Lakes recently.  Great place for fell walking!

2 thoughts on “Lifestyle”

  1. Next to music, my most enjoyable activity without doubt, is walking – especially in the Lake District.
    Most years I visit two or three times to walk the fells and enjoy the views from the mountain tops.

    I’m not a ‘peak bagger’; I just love to get out there and take my time; then spend time in a quiet pub after a days climb – love it!

  2. Working hard on getting cover song demos completed – so I definitely need a break now and then. So here I am sat in MacDonalds . . . . . and couldn’t resist getting laptop out to work on new ideas . . .lol.

    Looking forward to the next Lakes trip!

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