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Demo cover songs will be uploaded soon

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2 thoughts on “Demos”

  1. Welcome to this new site; inspired by acoustic guitar songs through the decades – from influences such as Paul Simon, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Eva Cassidy and others
    I don’t pretend to have any real skills with acoustic guitar (especially since losing some dexterity in my left index finger in an accident in my youth); but I still have great enthusiasm which gave me the courage to do recordings with my limitationss.

    I hope the listener can enjoy my simple interpretations of such songs – and if like me, you are looking for a great way to socialise and enjoy life after retirement looms – then playing acoustic guitar is, indeed, great therapy.

  2. This site is now beginning to take shape; there is still much to do but every day brings a new thought on the layout and content. This is quite natural of course – the more we strive, the more we become productive and the better the end result.
    Getting started with this website was the biggest hurdle – trying to come up with the right ‘niche’ and how to approach the subject of content, layout and menus etc.

    No doubt it will be several weeks before I can upload my youtube videos (demo cover song) and truly get the site ‘in full flight’ with SEO and all the other things associated with quality content.

    Upwards and onwards!

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