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Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing!

There has always been scepticism about internet marketing! I can understand why! Videos that say “earn $500 per day” etc, are so annoying

and most people scoff at the claims and dismiss them with deep sarcasm and move on.

Most such videos never emphasise the amount of effort in research and study required to successfully implement a money-making strategy. And the sales pitch ‘earn $500 per day’ eats at our souls and knocks motivation because we envisage that there’s a scam somewhere within that blatant claim.

Consequently, the majority of people are so full of cynicism that motivation falls to nothing.

But, with a bit of ‘savvy’ behind you, success is possible.

The fact is – most videos about making money online, provide perhaps 1% of the knowledge that is required to succeed!

By doing research on the web, you should be able to deduce that success is possible and it will become much clearer, that providing you are prepared for hard work and serious study, you can achieve that success!

At first I myself was indeed guilty of skipping past those blatant claims about making $s per day etc: and then I thought about it for a while and decided to put aside my prejudices and watch several of such videos, to draw my own conclusions as to their merits. By doing so, I could select those bits of information from each video/blog that seemed valid.

Here’s what actions I took to start internet marketing:

1. I did lots of research, more research, and more research to ensure that my market was viable – and that the products are viable in today’s market place. I set up a list of valuable websites that I felt were worth further research as mentioned above. I spent time reading all the pros and cons of all online ideas for earning an income from home.

I studied products from sites such as Clickbank, JVZoo and other well known resources and researched the views of other entrepreneurs as to viability.

2. Affiliate marketing is just one of several great ways to start a business and I felt that this was the way for me to progress.

I researched (I can’t state strongly enough about the need for research) products that I fully believed in – not simply because of what seems a lucrative product.  

3. There are many videos about internet marketing and how to proceed. However – most of them don’t tell the ‘whole picture’. As mentioned earlier, I have found that I needed to fish out the important points from each video and combine that knowledge with many other videos and blogs to create a truly definable strategy.

For example; there is a strong debate about whether you need to pay for advertising such as with Google Ads – or use good SEO to improve traffic flow to your site, along with perhaps the most obvious tools such as YouTube and FaceBook.

At the base of this guide I will list the apps and websites that gave me the greatest insight and appreciation of how to move forward.

My belief is that both are important and it will pay great dividends for the entrepreneur to utilize as many methods as possible to get good exposure on the web.

Remember that all those videos on YouTube are there to make money for the author and they will always invite you to ‘subscribe’. You will find that many of them provide little or no useful information for you to move forward.

4. Watch and study all the videos that have relevance to your ‘starter ideas’ on how to move forward. Be objective in your approach to YouTube videos and ask yourself – why did this person produce the video in the first place and how do they benefit from it (it’s a strategy that will help you when creating your own video content).

5. Don’t expect things to happen over days or weeks – or even months after building your website.

You can make money without a web presence but having your own site adds credence to your sales objectives.

However, to get your site properly indexed by Google can take many months; so please be aware of this fact.

6. A few people who’s tutorial’s provided me with a useful insight on many aspects of ‘making money online’ are listed at the bottom. The list alone, will save you hours of research.

You will find that there are many, many ways to achieve your goals but they all involve putting plenty of effort and time into your business.

7. I learned how to build my website in WordPress (the most popular platform) and used the highly respected Elementor Page Builder plug-in for creating my pages. WordPress is the best platform for building your website and it is not difficult to create good looking, professional site.

There are several very good Internet Service Providers (I.S.P.’s) who offer really competitive pricing – so you should have no difficulty in getting your website up and running.

8. I studied SEO (search engine optimisation) and added the YOAST seo plugin to my site: this helps with getting your site indexed with Google (essential)

9. I implemented most of the Google tools such as Google Analytics and Google Adsense

10. I set up an account with Mailer Lite to handle email automation to use with my Sales Funnels

11. I set up a Pinterest account to increase awareness of my site and help generate sales.

12. I linked to my Facebook page

13. When building my website, I watched plenty of YouTube tutorials about WordPress and Elementor and what plugins’ to use to enhance my site. I will include these items in the list at the bottom.

14. Having a YouTube channel is perhaps one of the better ways to obtain traffic because there’s nothing more responsive for visitors coming to a website (they say ‘a picture paints a thousand words’). Video quality has to be reasonable but the important point is the content: how you convey your message in a confident but pleasant way – it has to be a convincing argument that really shows the benefit of the product or service such that the viewer feels compelled to take action to learn more.

So . . .YES! You can make a good living on the internet . . . but as mentioned above, you have to put in the hard work and improve your knowledge-base to a point where success becomes a reality – not just a hopeful aspiration.

Having a good grasp of the ‘sales funnel’ is essential for your business. Part of that process is building an email list: this is simply a ‘captured’ list of customers who feel they will benefit in one way or another by signing up to receive a tutorial document or video that is the focus of their research or interest.

By using a sales funnel you can ‘funnel’ or increase the chances that a prospective client will choose to move along the process and decide to purchase – or at least click to download your ‘free offer’.

Of course, to the potential client the whole process is simple and straight-forward: are they interested or not? This is where skilful marketing text comes into place and here is where you must develop those skills for optimum results.

The sales funnel provides a means to increase the prospect of sales and ‘up-sales’ (where a customer is drawn into further sales procedures through effective enhanced techniques) by re-targeting via the opt-in email list.

By now you will see that you have to put a certain amount of effort in to be able to achieve your goals: from building your website, finding the right products to sell, setting up your website SEO, creating the perfect sales text, doing A/B split-testing, using Google tools to enhance research and sales processes etc – and on top of this you then have to find ways to get your website and products exposed to the big, wide world.

The key to success is hard work, hard work and more hard work . . . .there is no substitute!

With affiliate marketing, you need to find products to promote, that you truly believe in and are prepared to spend some time drawing up a campaign of action for marketing the product. Learn all about this product in detail!

Once you have decided on a product, do NOT send traffic direct to the product link on the affiliate hosting site (such as Clickbank).

You should create a compelling ‘landing page’ (often called a ‘squeeze page’) where all your traffic will be directed to, which also includes an ‘opt-in’ button where the prospective buyer will be offered some useful information about that product – such as a pdf info sheet. You are using this opt-in button to collect emails to build up your email list: this is a very effective way to vastly improve sales.

Your landing page will have two purposes: email collection for use with an autoresponder that you will utilise for further marketing procedures and to entice a customer to purchase the product.

The landing page will have no other distractions to draw away from the above two objectives – collect email and get that sale. Therefore, the page will be devoid of headers and footers and will just have compelling text about the product.

This is where the magic happens. The page text and colours must have that ‘special’ attention grabbing format that makes the prospective buyer want to go ahead and buy – or at least download the free pdf etc (even if they don’t buy the product you will have their email for future marketing strategy). Research other ads and take note of how text and images are placed, and what colours are being used. Make sure your message is short, clear, compelling and attractive when you create your own.

When starting out on your new business venture, clearly it is important to keep costs down. On many tutorial videos about affiliate marketing the advice is to get an account with Clickfunnels for your autoresponder needs and for creating landing pages. However, the cost is quite high for new businesses and I would suggest using Mailer Lite which provides you with a free account for up to 1000 subscribers. Should you get more subscribers then there is a modest cost per month but still far lower than using Clickfunnels.

As a matter of fact, it is quite easy to create landing pages with Elementor in WordPress and clearly, you will have more freedom in your designs. You will find that everything will come into focus as you start using WordPress; and you will come to understand what ‘plug-ins’ are all about.

There are other apps that will be mentioned in such videos about marketing, that will be suggested; and all with cost attached. Keep your costs low when starting out – it can be done. When you see a surge in sales then perhaps you will be in a position to sign up to other marketing tools (but just be careful – be wise).

I haven’t gone into any detail about affiliate marketing because this is a brief help-sheet for those embarking for the first time in online marketing. Keep doing research about all aspects of marketing; watch as many videos as possible; take notes and learn as much as possible about Google Ads, Adsense, Autoresponders, Affiliate market outlets such as Clickbank, Amazon Associates, Pinterest and Facebook.

List of Apps and Sites that I use for marketing purposes:

Mailer Lite (for building an email list and you can create landing pages also)

Google account for analytics, and a host of other functions

Pinterest for creating posters, pins and other graphics

Clickbank for products to promote (there are many other sites) for free image, photos and videos




Bitly (url shortener)

Amazon Associates

I also found this affiliate marketing course which offers a lot of free advice which I took advantage of. This is a high quality educational site for Affiliate Marketing.

You can visit them here:

Inspiration came from these entrepreneurs:

Franklin Hatchett; John Crestani

Miles Beckler; Pete Kachev

Michele Olivieri; Aaron Chen

Check them out and any others you like; you will learn much!

I hope that this short article has provided you with the inspiration and motivation to move forward with the knowledge that you can create an income with Affiliate Marketing.