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Continuing work on the image for project 2:  I have added extra detail using emery cloth, drypoint needle and burnisher.

The plate isn't finished yet - I need to add detail at the bottom where there is a shallow brook. I'll add some highlight to the brook to simulate flowing water - I'm working on the technique to produce the required effect!.

Below is a print on cartridge paper to check the results; I used Caligo Safe Wash ink.  I think that I will be using the 'a la poupee' technique to add colour when I start printing the edition!

There is still quite a lot more work required - for example, more detail to the tree set back, and to the brook as mentioned above.

31st Oct

I had a go at 'a la poupee' but the results aren't brillient - poor technique on my part (see below)

I've also worked on the plate further and you can see detail on the actual plate in the next image -

Below:  registration marks on bed , covered with lexan sheet

3rd Nov

I decided that detail should be added to the sky as there was a lot of 'white space'

After spending some considerable time trying to come up with realistic results - and studying other etchings by well known artists - I decided that the way forward, was to create a form of mezzotint ground (very carefully) and build up the cloud formations from there!  As I had already experimented with mezzotint on the reverse of this plate, I did a small test image of cloud formations as shown below.  With a bit of care I should be able to get the required effect.

And here is the updated plate image . . . inked up

..... and here is the latest proof . . . (below)