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How It All Began!

Art-Domain was established as a meeting place for all artists and art lovers interested in intaglio printing.  The forum is a place where artists can share experiences, ideas and techniques with each other and help bring to life the relevance and importance of an art form that has existed for centuries - with little change in methods and practice.

Art Domain is a site dedicated to art, especially intaglio art but also oil painting and watercolor painting. There are tutorials and videos on intaglio techniques and notes on the history of intaglio printing. There is also a shopping cart for purchasing canvas wall art, intaglio prints and art-related CD's and videos (when available). The forum is for artists to discuss all aspects of art related subjects and there is a free gallery for exhibiting art.

Author of website:  Cliff Marsh

Cliff  has interests in photography, professional video production, article writing and art - including acrylic painting and Intaglio printing

Although with a career background in electronics, Cliff decided to turn his hand to more creative activities.  He started by building an etching press which took about four months to complete - and he then produced a video (see link) and ebook on the procedure which is available as a free download. Over the weeks and months ahead, Images and video of  intaglio projects will be uploaded to give support and clarity to the concept.
Cliff is also an active professional vocal entertainer featuring a Matt Monro tribute show and swing numbers. He performs under the name, Cliff Ford and  you can listen to a demo here!



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