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The primary purpose of this site is to promote interest in intaglio art and painting . . . . .

 . . .to create a domain for sale of genuine works of art!  Each and every intaglio print is in itself, a genuine unique work of art; editions are quite small because of the very nature of the method of printing from copper plate under high pressure!

As a photographer, I may occasionally produce digital work for sale but as we all know - it's just so easy to print off any number of inkjet reproduction prints!  My philosophy is: - be honest and true to myself as well as to the potential buyer  - by limiting all . . . . and I mean all my giclee runs - ie copies of  original paintings & drawings etc - to under 180 prints!  They will be signed and numbered by me and there will be no digital reproductions of my intaglio work!

All reproduction posters and canvas wrap prints that are for sale are not limited editions unless expressly stated and this fact will be clearly advertised in the sales page!

This is my ethical statement as an artist . . . to be judged by you, the potential buyer and the general public!

Cliff Marsh

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