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1. Making an etching press
2. Mezzotint experiment
3. Mezzotint project

mezzotints book on cd

'Mezzotints' By Cyril Davenport (1904) with 40 plates

Available on CD: compiled by C. Marsh 2011      4.99           demo pages:  click  here

This is an excellent source of information on the history of mezzotint and the artists and printers involved over a 250 year period to the end of the 19th Century.

Get it now!       only 4.99

* Dedicated to the art of intaglio etching and intaglio printing. Follow the author on his journey of discovery of  mezzotint art, drypoint art, etchings - including photopolymer methods.   Join the art forum!

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* Watch video of various intaglio techniques and how the prints are pulled through the authors hand-built intaglio etching press!
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